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The Malebolge: The 8th Ring of Hell

My Madness and My Sorrow

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These are the tales of Cidarom Icarious.
abandon, abuse, alchemists, alexander the great, alone, anger, anteaus, antenora, archbishop ruggieri, attila the hun, backwards heads, blasphemers, boiling, bolgia, briareus, brimstone, brunetto latini, brutishness, brutus, burning sand, burning tombs, caiaphas, caina, canto, cassius, cavalcanti, cerebus, charon, chiron & nessus, ciacco, city of dis, cocytus, contempt, counterfeiters, daemon, damned, dante, demon, desire without hope, dido, diomede, diseased, dispair, diviners, elemental natures, engulfed in flames, envy, ephialtes, eternal damnation, eternal sorrow, evil, evil counselors, false witnesses, farinata, fear, filth, fire, fire on feet, flatterers, fortune tellers, fraud, gluttony, grafters, greed, guido, guilty, hades, hate, hatred, heavenly messenger, hell, hellfire, heretics, homer, homicide, hot blood, hypocrites, ignorance, impersonators, impotence, impurity, incest, incontinence, inferno, insanity, jason, judas iscariot, lonliness, lucifer, lust, madness, mahomet, malice, melancholy, minos, murder, murderers of guests, mutilated, nimrod, orgy, pain, panders, paulo and francesca, plato, pope celestine v, pope nicholas iii, pride, ptolemea, river styx, satan, seducers, sex, simonists, sin, sinner, sinon, sloth, snake pit, socrates, sodomite, sorrow, sowers of discord, spiritual death, stingy insects, suicide, sullen, the furies, the malebolge, thieves, tieresias, tityos, traitors to country, traitors to family, turned upside down, typon, ugolino, ulysses, uncommitted, useless labor, vanni fucci, vice, violence, virgil, war, whipped,  della vigna